Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New (old) Car

We got a new (old) car today.  You know that goldish colored Buick sedan your grandparents used to drive, or still do?  Yeah.  That's what we have now, and Dan could not be happier.

It's a 2002 Buick LeSabre with only 50,000 miles on it.  It is actually a really nice car.  It's fully loaded.

Er, 2002 fully loaded.  I will definitely miss my satelite radio my trailblazer had that we didn't have to pay for, and the double connectors for the iPod and the GPS.  But, if I were still in the year 2002 I would be psyched for the cassette player AND cd player.

The best part about the car is that it can seat 3 up front.  But, if you don't need to have someone ride in the middle the seat fold down into a console with a cup holder. Double awesome.  It reminds me of a friend's car in college.  He was Dan's best man and when the 3 of us road around together I would sit up front in the middle.  So funny.  The good 'ol days.

So, if Shannon comes to visit with her kids she and I and our 4 kids can still all fit in our new hooptie.  How awesome is that?!   Or, we are able to take a couple extra friends around town.

Are you reading this Shannon?  Madelyn can't wait to take advantage of that front middle seat :)

Dan could not be happier to have a car to drive.  He doesn't like my SUV's.  I like big cars.  I like to be up high and feel powerful on the road.  Hmmm.  I wonder what that says about me.  I'll just say it's because my Pop-pop was a race car driver.  It's in the genes.

I am happy to let him drive it though.  I am actually really happy to see him so happy about it.  He was even saying on the way home that he is going to be waxing and detailing the car to keep it looking nice and he is not kidding.  ha ha!  Alright.  Maybe he is.

I, on the other hand, took our hyundai santa fe out today, got it all cleaned up and vacuumed out to make it my own again.  I do like that car.  It's aging, but it's a nice little SUV.  I even bought a cute steering wheel cover, but I was so sad to find it didn't fit the steering wheel.  Bummer.  It had flowers and peace signs on it.  (Sigh)  Oh well.  I still drove around with the windows down and my Maroon 5 blaring.  Happy day!

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