Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Uh oh. 

Nutella may just be the end of my healthy endeavor. 

It's just that 4 pm rolled around and I was STARVING!!  My stomach was growling and everything.  I knew Dan would be bummed if I went ahead and cooked up dinner and ate it before it was even 5.  He usually doesn't get home until 6.

So instead I pulled out the Nutella.  And the Saltines. 

Oh my.

Dan ate Nutella in France and really liked it so I bought it recently.  Really I could take it or leave it. 

Until today that is.  When you are hungry and feel as though you are depriving yourself of stuff I think anything could taste delicious.  It helps that Nutella is made with chocolate though.

But, reading the label there is nothing really nutritious about it.  There is a ton of sugar and 11 grams of fat in every 2 tbs. 


I kept going back for more.  I think I am good now until dinner though.  I think ... 


Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

really? i guess i never really looked at the label. i found a recipe on pinterest for nutella though and it looks like it's not all that bad for you. ;)

kate said...

I know! I had been hearing that it was healthy, but reading the label i'm not really seeing where the "healthy" comes in. It has skim milk in it. Maybe that makes it healthy? It is yummy though. Have you tried it?
Or, maybe if we are comparing it to fluff it is healthy. I kind of feel like it is the chocolate version of fluff :) I'm going to google it.

kate said...


Kim said...

I cannot buy nutella anymore. I would just eat it with a spoon. All of it, in oh, maybe a day or two. Or less.

We are living parallel lives. We've been biking here, too - the kids and me. Nate has a seat on my bike. So cute!!! He says, "wheeeeee!!!"

And the water thing too. And livestrong. And failure at calories on livestrong. B/c of nutella, among other things...

It's not healthy. :)

kate said...

Dan pulls it out after dinner. it is dessert now apparently :)
how fun about the biking!! oh my. nate is such a squeezable boy. i can just imagine him saying that. so cute!
how fun about our parallel lives!! i did better today with my calories. livestrong is great isn't it?
i got a book from the library called f.a.s.t. something, but it's about how a family lost around 500 pounds together. it's been helpful because it's a very realistic approach to being healthy, yet still eating things we like.
oh, and i went on nutella's website. they completely advertise is as being a part of a healthy breakfast, but you'll notice they say put a teaspoon on whole wheat toast with a side of fruit and yogurt. there is always something on the side which is what actually makes the breakfast healthy. made me laugh.