Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy Days and a Toilet Story

Well, it turns out insurance will NOT cover any of our stuff damaged by the water.  Grrrr.  They drove all the way out here to tell me that.  Double grrrrr. 

I was just glad I didn't cry in front of the guy.  (sniffle)

So frustrating, but these are the days of our lives right now, and honestly, Dan and I keep saying how glad we are that we really like each other because it would totally stink to go through all of this with someone that we didn't really care for, love, or even like.  That would just be terrible.

On a better note I am now taking a class.  A class on medical terminology.  I started tonight.  It's really fun.  That sounds weird I know.  I read that is was fun in one of the reviews and thought the same thing.  Then I started it and realized what they were talking about.  It's six weeks long with twelve lessons so I am sure it will get harder as it goes on, but for now it's fun.

Also, I applied for a job.  So crazy!!!  But, it was good to go through the process and get my resume together again.  It reminded me that I was once a professional.  ha!  It's been a while. 

The job would be every other weekend at the emergency room in one of our local hospitals.  I would be the person who comes to the room rolling my computer along and registering your information. 

Of course, I am sure I am one of hundreds applying for this position, but I plan to keep my eye out for other similar positions.  I actually would like to work at the hospital that is only ten minutes away rather than twenty (spoiled much?), but I will go where they will take me for a few hours and  let me be home the rest of the week.

My medical terminology class will help me get a foot in the door.  That's what I am hoping anyway.

On a side note, Elijah pulled a penny out of his pocket after school yesterday.  He then went on to tell me the story about how a boy tried to flush it.  It didn't go down so Elijah reached in and grabbed it.  He assured me he washed his hands really good afterward, and that the penny had been in his pocket ever since.

Madelyn asked if he washed the penny.  No.  He then went and washed the penny. 

He also told me that Mrs. Rinehart told him he could keep it.  How she knows about it I have no idea.  I did ask him to please not grab anymore things out of the toilet. 

Like I said ... crazy days ... but it's all good.


Kim said...

My ambitious friend! :) Good for you. Right now I have mixed feelings about the idea of getting a job. I wonder when, if, it will be a good time for me to do that.

Anyhow. I am so sorry you all are once again bombarded with trials of various kinds. Grateful for your cheerful perspective, despite all that. I'm sure it isn't how you feel all the time, but every time we even feel what is right it is a gift from God. Isn't it fantastic to think He is working out His eternal purposes in you right now? This all will last only a moment by comparison with what is coming.

Love to your family!

kate said...

So true Kim. Thank you for your kind words. I definitely have my moments, but overall I am just extremely thankful for my family and their health. All of these crazy things have changed my perspective in regards to earthly possessions, and I feel freer as a result. God is definitely working in me and for that I am grateful.

As far as the job the hours just seem perfect. I can still be home all week with my family AND every other weekend. I really don't think I will get it, but it is fun to think about. I feel like I am ready and of course the extra money would be helpful at this point too. It was a long time coming though. And, I certainly am not ready for an every day job yet. I love seeing how happy my kids are when they hop off the bus :) I want to enjoy that as long as I can.

Love back to you all :D

The Lunch Lady said...

Oh MAJOR BUMMER about not insurance not covering. Ugh!

Hope the job thing works out. It's a little scary going back into the work world but it is nice to get out there too! You'll do great!

kate said...

Thanks Hannah. It is a HUGE bummer. I talked to our agent today and he is going to look into possible coverage for taking care of the mildew issue.

I am excited about the thought of making a little extra cash and feeling a little professional again :) Thanks for the encouragement.