Monday, September 12, 2011

Cars ... Ugh

So, the last post about Irene, and the funeral, and the lawyer deal was all leading into Labor Day weekend.  That was a looooonnnnnngggggg weekend because we thought we were going to hear back from the lawyer before the weekend, but didn't so we fretted all weekend about what that might mean.  Well, it turns out we didn't hear back simply because she was never able to touch base with the other lawyer.  I still don't know if they ever connected.  Now I see why these things take so long to settle.

So, things were a little stressful.  But, it was a new week, a new day, and God's mercies are new each day right?

Well, Tuesday morning Dan had a breakfast so since our cars both had issues at the time he took the one with the least amount of issues.  He had farther to go.  I just had to get the kids to school and home again.  No big deal right? 

I made it to school fine.  No noises, nothing.  Just a little ways down the road on my way home the car starts to over heat.  I took the back roads home since I would then be able to pull over next to a corn field rather than a busy highway.  I called Dan to let him know and then I waited.  I was hoping the car would just cool off and I could just get home. 

Nope.  I had to pull over again.  It turns out ALL the coolant had leaked out of the car.  Dan had just filled it up the Friday before.  Dan came with another bottle of coolant and 2 minutes down the road it overheats again.  That was some leakage going on.  At this point we were just trying to make it to the car place that was 5 minutes away.  Five minutes can seem like an eternity when your car has smoke pouring out of it. 

Oh, did I mention that when Dan finally got to me I got into his car to follow him to the car place and promptly backed into a tree?  I didn't even see it AFTER I hit it.  I could not figure out what I hit.  I think I was starting to lose it at that point.  Thankfully, there was no damage.

Anyway, we finally made it to the car place where we have a wonderful mechanic who loves the Lord and is just a good guy.  We drop the car off.  I take Dan to school and find out later we never gave the mechanic our key to the car.  He had to drive over to the school to get it from Dan.  See what I mean?  Great guy. 

I went home and promptly cried my eyes out for most of the day.  It's a good thing I did too because I had NO idea what awaited me later in the week. 

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