Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breaking News

This just in.

Dan drinks coffee now.

How many years have I been trying to convince him it is good?  I would add chocolate or any other yummy sugary substance to try to lure him, but he would always come back at me saying, "It's still coffee and that's the part I do not like."

Well, a week ago after church we were riding home and he tells me he had a cup of coffee at church.  Every Sunday one of us ends up taking Elijah downstairs to use the restroom so this time Dan was really tired and thought while he waited he would have a cup of coffee.

Needless to say I was shocked.

What shocked me more though is when he asked me to make some extra for him the next day when I made coffee.  What?!

THEN he liked my hazelnut creamer!  Well, that's no real shocker.  It's hard to resist that creamer.  Believe me.  I've tried.

It's actually funny because I am not used to Dan on caffeine so the one day he called me sounding all chipper so I finally said, "Wow.  I thought you must have gotten some good news today or something you sound so chipper."  He shot back, "I had coffee!"  In a happily caffeinated voice.

Really though, between you and me, I think he started because when we were with Vern recently we were joking about breaking into Robbie and Donna's house to make some coffee since Dan's mom doesn't have a coffee maker.  We told Dan he could wait in the getaway car while Vern and I kicked back, sipped our coffee, read the newspaper, etc.  I think Dan is just wanting to fit in a little better among the cool kids.

ha ha!  It's good Dan hasn't read my blog in a while :) 

Honestly, it's especially fun because since Dan gets up before me he now makes coffee.  It's very nice. I sure do like that guy.

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