Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Done Deal

I know I posted about our new (old) car already, but what I didn't post is that it wasn't official yet.  Dan and I had to drive up there today to finish the paperwork.

Now, I wanted to take this moment to share a little about our "car guy."  He is a Believer and has owned his dealership for almost 30 years.  They offer free soda, popcorn, and ice cream, computers if you need to go online, a tv area with books if you would rather read, a play room, and shelves of Christian books that are free for the taking with the intent of passing them on when you are done.  Oh, and they have cars.  But, Madelyn calls it the "ice cream car place."  I really think she just sees it as the place where she can eat popcorn, soda, and ice cream all in one sitting.

The best part is they are all about the people.  Customer service is their top priority.  Bob truly loves the Lord and runs his business in a way that allows him to "reinvest in people."

So, if you need a car, get yourself up to

And, we found out that our new (old) car was owned by an elderly lady who took immaculate care of the car.  It was kept in a garage and was always serviced before it went a mile over when service was due.  It is obvious.  The interior is really nice considering the age of the car and so is the body.  We assured them that would all change soon once our kids were able to ride around in it for a bit :o)

But, yet again, we were blessed by Bob's business.  This is our third car from him and he and his people have always taken great care of us.

Here concludes my advert for Bob Weaver GM, Chevy, Jeep, Chrysler, etc.  

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